1. An SSV Court is set up
using 3 temporary lines.

2. An SSV Score Sheet
is filled out.

3. A ball tosser puts
the ball into play.

4. Player hits forehands.
5. Player hits backhands.
6. Player hits forehand volleys.
7. Player hits backhand

8. Player serves.
9. Player runs a
mobility drill.

10. A score keeper
records the score.

11. Score is entered
in SSV website.

12. Players receive an
SSV Tennis Rating.

13. Players enter
SSV Grand Prix.

San Diego/OC: Neil Johnson (760) 781-5182     Los Angeles: Randy Johnson (818) 458-6882
EMAIL:   info@ssvtennis.com

| SD=San Diego | LA=Los Angeles | OC=Orange County | CV=Coachella Valley|

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The SSV Tennis Rating gives you a rating between 0 & 200.
There are 8 levels of play from beginner to expert.

SSV Tennis is a rating test and a competition!

One Day, 3-hour Round Robin tournaments are held
every weekend in
San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.

The SSV Tennis Rating determines levels of play.
Age and gender are not factors, only tennis ability.

The SSV Tennis Rating ensures better competition and
eliminates one-sided matches!

Step One:  Get Rated!  Step Two:  Sign Up To Play!

Contact a club in San Diego, Los Angeles or Orange County for
SSV Testing in your area or contact us at
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