San Diego/OC: Neil Johnson (760) 781-5182
Los Angeles: Randy Johnson (818) 458-6882


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I'm a new player who wants to
get rated and play tournaments

I'm a Pro who wants to start a
free club to rate my students

Welcome to SSV Tennis!

SSV is an objective rating test that measures tennis ability
and gives a player a score between 0 - 200.

SSV is also a weekly round-robin tournament that matches up
players by their score, not age and gender, for more competitive fun.

Recognized by SCTA as a viable system for rating players,
the SSV Tennis Rating System was developed 40 years ago by owner Neil Johnson.

Pros, Coaches and Players use SSV as a benchmark for tennis improvement. SSV is currently being used in more than 50 clubs and venues in Southern California.

Tennis is more fun when players are evenly matched!
  • For players just starting tennis:
    • SSV tournaments are a great way to ease into stronger competition.
  • For seasoned players:
    • SSV tournaments are a great way to find players at your advanced level.