San Diego/OC: Neil Johnson (760) 781-5182
Los Angeles: Randy Johnson (818) 458-6882


What is the SSV GRAND PRIX?

The SSV Grand Prix is a series of weekly one-day singles tennis events. As juniors play the events, they accumulate points for sets and games won.
How Does SSV Grand Prix Work?
  • Juniors are matched up by their SSV Tennis Rating, not age or gender
  • Tournament director puts juniors in round-robin groups of 3, 4, 5, or 6, depending on SSV ratings
  • New Grand Prix starts every 3 months
  • End-Of-Season Winner Certificate awarded to juniors with most sets and games at their level
    SSV CUP    
What is the SSV Cup?
The SSV Cup is a new SSV activity that allows juniors to
play singles and doubles in a Davis Cup-like fashion.

Great choice for players who enjoy the
teamwork of doubles and the individuality of singles.

How Does SSV Cup Work?

  • Two juniors team up to play two singles matches and
    one doubles match against another 2 player team
  • Same number of matches and points as a singles group of four
  • SSV Cup is won by the team with the most combined sets
  • Trophy awarded to each winning team member
  • Same price as Grand Prix Event
  • (Teammates do NOT play each other in singles)
  • SSV Cup events are held at the same time and place as SSV Grand Prix events
  • Juniors can join SSV Cup with or without a partner *
  • SSV Cup results are added to player's Grand Prix rankings
  • SSV Cup results are also added to new SSV Cup Rankings
  • Players decide when to play SSV Cup or SSV Grand Prix
How Do I Join?
  • Go to Player Page

  • Click 'join' for SSV Cup at your event, then click update

Tell the Tournament Director if you
have or need a partner at the event *

This icon  will show up next to player's name
on the regular SSV Who's Playing roster when you join.

* There is no guarantee you will play SSV Cup when you sign up for it. Tournament director will decide if SSV Cup competition will happen, based on ratings and number of participants in the event.
SSV Cup juniors are GUARANTEED ENTRY into SSV Grand Prix if SSV Cup tournament does not occur.
Try the new SSV Cup!