Daniel Gardality
San Diego Juniors

"Daniel is a seven-year old tennis player who is full of energy, excitement, and curiosity. He began playing tennis at age four, and he has been actively participating in SSV tournaments since he was six years old.

First, he enrolled in orange ball SSV tournaments, and within a few months, he started playing in green dot and yellow ball tournaments. He mostly plays singles matches, but he is also a team player in USTA Junior Team Tennis tournaments.

As a result of his consistent participation in SSV tournaments, his enthusiasm, and hard work during his private and group tennis lessons, Daniel's SSV score improved from 45 to 120 within one year. He is very grateful and proud of all the SSV trophies that he received for winning 19 out of 20 tournaments that he entered.

Daniel plays other sports besides tennis: soccer, basketball and he is on a swim team. However, it is playing tennis that brings sparks in his eyes and a smile on his face. He loves nothing more than going to play tennis, and he is always very excited about it. When he is on the court, he works very hard for each point. He stays calm during long rallies, and he doesn't get frustrated when his score is down or when he makes a mistake. He believes that he can win, even when he plays against a tough or more experienced opponent.

Our family is very thankful for the SSV tournaments that are available in our community. They have significantly contributed to Daniel's success and his love of the game. SSV tournaments offer lots of good things: exercise, intellectual challenge, new friendships, fun, and quality matches with children of similar tennis skill levels. They also helped to increase Daniel's self-confidence.

Daniel was born into a family of Hungarian-speaking parents. He studies in a French immersion school, and he speaks three languages: English, Hungarian, and French. Daniel also takes piano lessons, and he is excited to participate in a piano competition next month.

Daniel's tennis goals are to continue working on his forms and skills, to become a disciplined, focused, and great tennis player, to have fun, and to build friendships that will last a lifetime!"

          Silvia Gardality
         Daniel's Mom
For more info, contact:
Neil Johnson
(760) 781-5182
Randy Johnson
(818) 458-6882