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Recommended by Bruce Hunt
Exec. Director, USTA Southern California
Become an
SSV Event Center to:
  • Create Revenue for your Club
  • Host SSV Tennis Events
  • Rate your Junior's Tennis Ability
  • Get Great Competition for your Juniors
SSV is currently partnered with over
60 SSV Event Centers in SoCal!

SSV Tennis is a Rating Test and
Local Weekly Tennis Competition
for juniors of all competition levels

Competition includes Singles and the SSV Cup, a Davis Cup-like format for Team Singles and Doubles

Revenue Generator for the pro/club
The SSV Tennis Rating gets your juniors into
good local competition with
SSV Tennis Events
based on tennis ability, not age or gender
Players establish their level of play
with an objective on-court rating
SSV matches them up when juniors sign up online
Trophies and stats provided by SSV
Great for first-timers up thru USTA level
  • One Day Events
  • 2 to 3 Hours Long
  • Round Robin Format
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
to start a partnership with SSV Tennis and enjoy
the benefits of SSV at no cost to your club

The SSV Tennis Rating generates a number between 0 & 200
based on control and power of strokes and speed of player.
There are 8 levels of play from beginner to expert.

SSV provides weekly local one-day 3-hour round-robin events for juniors, at their own skill level. Juniors take the SSV Rating Test, a 10 minute on-court assessment of their tennis ability, based on control and power of strokes and speed of player. Players re-test at least once a year as they improve.

Players achieve a rating between 0 - 200. Juniors are matched up within 10 points of their ratings for competitive match play in singles and doubles events. Juniors and parents enjoy travelling from club to club for good competition, especially if it's local.

SSV partners up with local parks, tennis clubs and country clubs in major So Cal cities to create a community of clubs or SSV districts. District juniors have weekly opportunities to meet and play new kids at their skill level.
Create a Thriving Partnership
with SSV and Your Club

Our purpose is to teach your pros how to give the SSV Rating Test so that they can perform the easy tasks of the SSV Tennis Rating by themselves, both on-court and on-line.

SSV does not charge pros to use the SSV Rating Test, although
we recommend you charge your players for your time

SSV Event Centers rate their own juniors and host monthly SSV events on dates and times they choose. Again, an SSV Rep will attend and run your first SSV event, to teach your pros on that day to be self-sufficient.

As a hosting club, you provide enough free courts for your event, as well as a can of regular yellow tennis balls per court. SSV provides trophies and record-keeping through weekly newsletters, publicizing your upcoming SSV events and showing juniors their growing stats.

Every weekend in Orange County and San Diego, clubs have 20+ participants, creating $600+ events. Successful events occur when 50-75% of participants are the hosting club's own juniors. This attracts juniors from other clubs who see your tournament becoming popular online.

Your efforts rating all your juniors and urging them to sign up for ALL SSV events at your club and elsewhere make SSV a success for your club and your juniors!
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